Do you have an appointment?   That’s what Gupta the airport custodian asks Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) who is stuck in the  JFK airport in the hilarious movie, The Terminal.

It’s also good question for our own leadership success.  “Do you have an appointment?”   Or we might say:  a calling, passion, mission, vocation, or profession.

Vocation  comes from the Latin root  vocare “to call”  as in one’s calling, or, in hearing a voice.

Profession, also has to do with the voice, speaking out your vocation.   It’s what we profess to be or do.

Marketing master, Robert Middleton, encourages clients to discover and develop a “verbal logo.”  As a visual logo is for  the eyes a  verbal logo is for the ears.  It professes your work, vocation, business in a few concise and catchy words.

The clearer you get the about whether you have an “appointment” (vocation, calling, profession) the clearer you will be in your work!

To hear Gupta’s own words click here: Do you have an appointment?