559px-Gartner_Hype_Cycle_svg.fwStep One. We get excited at the beginning. The new Technology Trigger that’s going to bring a great breakthrough. Or the trigger may be a new love, job, house, child, or city.  We buy into the hype and hop into the ride.

Step Two. We get to the top of the ride and see the beautiful view. We have reached the Peak of Inflated Expectations and have an uneasy feeling that the ride isn’t over.

Step Three. We fall rapidly, with much drama and screaming, certain we are going to die as we cascade down, down, down, into the Trough of Disillusionment.  In the trough we curse ourselves and/or others and rue the day we ever got on the ride in the first place. “What was I thinking?” we ask.

Step Four. We pinch ourselves, breathe, open our eyes and realize we’ve lived through the worst of it. We are ascending up the gentle Slope of Enlightenment. We begin to feel a bit better for the experience. We begin smiling again.

Step Five. We continue on with our life and work. We feel stronger and wiser and more experienced. We have reached the higher plain, the Plateau of Productivity. Others look to us for wisdom and encouragement. They know we’ve been through stuff and lived to tell about it.

Finally. We realize that this ride whole is normal and we no longer feel ashamed. We get good at riding it without screaming. We enjoy lifting our hands into the air.

Then we sit in the front and ride it again.


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