I wrote my bio (below) for an upcoming Merced College event in March entitled “Get Fired Up!” As my fellow Sealegger, I want you to see it and share your comments and stories. Here it is:

Professional Development Coach, John Parker, M.A., successfully trains, motivates and inspires participants toward greater leadership, communication, and customer service skills. Bringing “Ah-Ha!” moments and positive breakthrough experiences into event moments is Parker’s passion. That’s why participants say, “John Parker knows his stuff…is easily understood…engaging…never boring…well organized…fun…(and) draws out our best.”

A Merced College Customer Service Academy Workshop Presenter, John is also an Instructor for the University of California Davis Center for Human Services, a Dream Team Coach and Instructor for the California Teaching Fellows Foundation of Fresno, a Certified Trainer for SkillPath Seminars of Kansas, an Instructor for Webucator, Inc. of New York, and Adventure Guide for ProfessionalDevelopmentAdventures.com.

John’s California History: Merced local since 1978; Highway 99 kid (residing in Marysville, Redding, Yuba City, Fresno, Bakersfield, and now Merced) since 1952; Pacific Island native, born on Alameda Island off the coast of Oakland; and a genuine ’49er through his Parker side—James Monroe Parker migrated out from New York to California with his family in 1849.

For fun, John serves as a micro-community coach, locally and online.

What was interesting to you? I’d love to hear. Please reply. Best re-ARGHs! Cap’n John!

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