I had a great time in Riverside, April 21st, San Diego, April 22nd, and Colusa, April 25th!  Welcome to the dozens of you who signed up to receive  “Sealegs for Success” in your inbox!

Shout outs to Rob from our San Diego meeting at the Marriott!

During the two minute buzz session about solutions to stress, Rob flagged me down and said, “Hey, John, ‘DESSERTS’  is  ‘STRESSED’ backwards!”

Deep stuff, Rob!  LOL!  The really funny part is, I haven’t forgotten it!

Seriously, getting STRESSED is something we have power over.  We CAN enjoy DESSERTS more when we proactively address Stress rather than passively let Stress—Stress us out!

The key is our DESSERTS, you know, that part of life we see as a treat and often avoid.

So my question is what are you doing to treat yourself to something good today?  A walk? A good read?  A positive conversation?  An inspiring CD during your commute?  Mediation, prayer, or quiet time?

These are all just DESSERTs that will help you turn that which is STRESSED around!

WOW!  I just got my just DESSERTS by writing this to you!

Go have some yourself!  ASAP!  …with syrup and a cherry on top!