Caterpillar Larvae Butterfly

Success is not always apparent. Butterflies are caterpillars and larvae first. They crawl, Then they “die” in their own self-made cocoon (we’ve all done that!). Next, they wake up and struggle in the dark for a long time. Finally, they emerge and the beautiful butterfly flies!

Discouragement comes when we evaluate and compare our selves to others or to our own standards. If you feel homely, humble and caterpillar-y today that’s okay. It’s just a perception anyway.

The butterfly’s big struggle occurs it breaks out of its cocoon. But it’s that very struggle that strengthens its wings for flying.

Are you struggling? Get ready for your next breakthrough!

Two inmates looked out from prison bars. One saw mud and the other stars. What are you looking at?

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Best re-Arghs, John Parker