crescent_dunes_solar_december_2014Having spoken with 1000s of people in 100s of events (of 2 or more people),  I firmly believe stuff shows up to help us at just the right time. There are lots of ideas about how this happens.

I have my own beliefs about it. What I can say is, “It’s true!”  Every moment.

When you get quiet and calm ideas come to you that surprise you! Right?

What if you began to trust in that download factor?

  • You might be-at-peace more, and fear less.
  • You might wait and listen, rather than escalating, controlling, or manipulating.
  • You might become both clear, without be cruel, and kind, with out being wishy-washy.

Solar power at Crescent Dunes (see photo/article in this note) is the result of thousand of beams of light converging to reflect on one receptor that collects all the light for power.  Think of yourself as the collector, then humbly thank all your sources of light.

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