college studentsI get to have a great conversation with about 25 college students at a local university on a Saturday morning every month or so.  This Saturday we will be conversing about how to stay successful through times of change.  We’ll look at five different maps and models that will give us a strong sense of stability and understanding through times of change.

And yes, our change discussion will be deeper than “Mama said there’d be days like this.”  Although that’s a good starting point and “Mama” is the secret word for which ever of my Sealegs alumni show up and guess it right. (directions: write “mama” and your name on a piece of paper and hand it to me when you arrive and the prize is yours.)

Here’s a QUIZ for everyone:  When unwanted change happens these four responses or activities – EXPLORATION,  RESISTANCE,  COMMITTMENT,  and  DENIAL – occur in a specific order with most individuals.  List them in the correct order, then email your list to me, and I will send you a prize too.