My worst Coach was my high school freshman year coach he would always come to practice drunk…not a good example for us kids who were trying to be successful.

My Best Coach was my high school varsity coach. He was very dedicated to what he was doing, he loved his job, and trained us to be the best.

John (my other brother…lol!):

My best coach was one of my freshman football coaches in high school.  He was about 70 years old, weighed 150 lbs, had one lung. In spite of all that, he was out there running with us every day and doing all the calisthenics we did.  He challenged each of us to keep up with “the old man.”


In retrospect I realize I liked the coaches that liked me. My baseball coach, basketball coach, track coach all played me as a varsity starter, so I liked them. The only coach I didn’t like was the one that crossed me.

He was one of the varsity football coaches. He became agressive with me in practice shoving me in the back until I fell to the ground.  I jumped up and hit him with my helmet.   Of course, I was kicked off the team, even though I had caught a touchdown pass the week before — as a sophmore.

Here is the kicker! When I returned to play my junior year, he had been hired as the new head coach.  I did not think I had a chance to make the team, but he started me my junior and senior years.   We became good friends and remained so until his death in 1984.  Under his guidance we won the league championship my senior year!