My friend, an older AA member and leader, talked about a support group he heard of where some guy got a pin for not drinking Pepsi for three years.   

My friend railed, “Come on!  I mean if the guy said, ‘I drank Pepsi till I puked my guts out and then passed out and then woke up and drank some more and puked my guts out again and woke up on someone’s front lawn far from home and I just spent my whole paycheck on Pepsi and my wife and children left me.’  then maybe I could hear it.”

I’m not sure how to segway this one into something profound but it’s sure interesting.  Profundity must be lurking close by!

Maybe I liked it because:

  • My friend got so passionate and riled up about it.  It was a pretty intense story!
  • I found out ex-Pepsi drinkers like getting three year pins too.
  • I am wondering about the potential gaps between my own experiences and the ones of those around me and am now asking,  “Do  others view me as the wimpy lightweight or as the full-blown, hard-core, been-to-the-river, died-in-the-wool recovering addict…or both?”
  • It’s a great story that I will tell sometime to validate the hard-core addict, or the light-weight ex-Pepsi drinker…

…or both!