Emotions Sashet no faces.fwI just finished a Google Hangout with my leadership support group.  There are 5-10 of us that come on the video call for 60-90 minutes every week or so.

Everyone of us has leadership challenges so we do a few basics things during each Hangout to support each other.

First, we check in with each other at what we call “a heart level.”  Each person identifies and names one or more of the six basic emotions — Sad, Angry, Scared, Happy Excited, and Tender (SASHET)— or any other emotion we are aware of within ourselves. Then we share a bit about the cause of our feelings.

Next, we listen “around” a concern or challenge that may have surfaced during our check in, or “around” a topic that is suggested in the group.  Once we identify the issue we take three to four minutes of quiet time to listen within ourselves and jot down what we are hearing. If it’s regarding one person’s concern we sometimes say we are listening for that person.

The listening responses are never about advising, fixing, solving, or negativity.  They are more about words of encouragement, building up, and simply hearing.  It’s amazing how encouraging it is for a stressed leader to actually feel heard, affirmed, or supported in a safe environment.

Do you have anything in your life like this?  Some sort of support is good to have. Trying to lead in isolation can be very stressful and even unhealthy over time.

What are your thoughts or questions?