“Business culture eats strategy for breakfast.” — Peter Drucker

One key person embedded with the existing culture can cannibalize a great strategy for breakfast—even if doing so means is killing future success. Often the one key One has “earned” the right to defend the existing culture: they’ve been there for years,  they are the CEO, they have some currency of decision-making that grants them power. Whatever the reason, if they don’t like the strategy, it will get sabotaged, no matter how many others like it.

The first four letters in the word culture are C-U-L-T.

Cult: a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing,person, ideal, etc.

Don’t be surprised if a beautiful idea, plan or strategy gets swallowed up as the existing culture’s breakfast.

New cultures start with new strategic  stories and conversations, kept in the kitchen for a while, until the new team is bold enough to serve them out on the patio—for lunch.