One professor was so boring we  put an alarm clock in his drawer set to ring half-way through his class.   The alarm flustered him but not enough stir him to action.  His class consisted mostly of  lecture. Napping persisted.

Another professor said he had no sense of humor so he read children’s jokes to us at the beginning of each class.    We had some good laughs over the simple, corny jokes. We warmed up to him through his self-effacing approach. He taught with a lot of discussion

One got it. The other didn’t.

One tried to be interesting. One didn’t.

We can try too hard.  Or not enough.

If you don’t want to be boring try one or more of these steps:

1. Ask yourself or your audience:

a. What do They Want?

b. How am I Doing?

c. How Can I Improve?

2. Find someone who’s interesting and non-boring and get them to coach/mentor you.

3. Be brief.