passion leads to purpose

Passion: the fire within!
Akin to Enthusiasm: the god within!

We all have passion. Oh, and by the way, passion is not primarily about sex. In fact, that can be a distraction from your deeper passion.

Passion is about caring and connecting, about having meaning and purpose.

Passion will lead you to your purpose.

Here are some questions that will help y0u discover your passion:

Passion: Who are you? What fuels the fire?

What are Your:

  • Strengths?  [Personality, Gifts, Talents]
  • Skills? [Expertise? Abilities?]
  • Motivators? [Joys, Fun, Waker-uppers]
  • Values? [Beliefs, Issues to stand up for]

This exercise was helpful for me:

  1. Name 3-5 positive youth or life experiences.
  2. Explain what each experience meant to you.
  3. Summarize the underlying themes you see in your explanations.

For example, my experiences and their meanings are:

  • When I as a kid, my dad built me a tree house. Meaning: Loving by doing matters.
  • I barely made the  high scho0l swim team, but ended up with the trophy for Most Improved.
    Meaning: accomplishment under pressure is satisfying.
  • I led a growing non-profit for 13 years: Meaning: I like seeing things grow long-term.
  • I built my children a tree house: Meaning: Loving by doing matters generationally.

Summary:  Some of my passion is about succeeding at long term relationships and projects.

Passion makes life happen for without boredom and meaninglessness. Plus, it’s contagious!  Let’s pursue it!

Please, Email Me. What’s your passion?