Last week I was disappointed to find out that major hotel chain I usually stay with when I’m on the road had sold their property in Yuba City, California. 

While searching for a replecement online I kept finding the Bonanza Inn.  What concerned me was that it was only half the price of my regular hotel.  That had to be bad, I thought.  

Plus, I knew it was an older facility because I vaguely remembered it from when I lived in Yuba City as a kid in the mid-60s. But the pictures and reviews seemed okay so I signed up.  

I could rough it for a night I figured.  I didn’t even check to see if it included a breakfast bar and WiFi.  For the price I was certain it didn’t.

Then I arrived and checked it out prepared to cancel and go hotel hunting again if need be.  But…Surprise!  Surprise!

The Bonanza Inn is a beautiful conference facility with great rooms including  flat screen TVs and WiFi,  etc.  But there was no little breakfast bar. 

No, indeed! It was a full American breakfast buffet with delicious bacon, eggs, and home fries, waffles and more!  (I restrained myself…a little.)

I kept having the urge talk to someone there about how low their prices were but I thought better of it since I’m going back to YC soon and will certainly stay there again.  And, who knows,  maybe you will too!  (shhhh…)

Anyway, I am still shaking my head in amazement that this hotel can charge so little or, perhaps, that the other one I frequent charges twice as without as good a breakfast.   Somewhere behind the Bonanza there’s a very awesome manager or owner or team who knows the business and does it very well.   Thank You!  You are a good role model!