February 21st, my laptop got stolen (with lots of my files and my calendar) out of my rental car right in front of the nice restaurant during my one-hour coaching meeting! The thief broke out the back passenger side rear window, folded down the seatback, reached right into the trunk and grabbed my computer bag.

Benefits? Yes! Many!

  1. Making good friends with LifeLock Identity Safe.
  2. Finding out my homeowner’s insurance covers the computer stuff (after a mighty deductible) even though my auto didn’t.
  3. Learning my auto insurance covers the window damage (with a much lower deductible).
  4. Discovering a great computer and cool bag at my local computer store, Action Computers. It felt good to support this great local business–especially since they’d helped me for free so many times with computer-related support and advice.
  5. Enjoying that I could show up for my Northern California event the next day without a computer and PowerPoint presentation and have a great time in training. Does anyone have two sticks we can rub together and build a fire? I am ready!
  6. Experiencing a huge learning curve, not asked for, but worth every bit of the labor, learning, and loving-gratitude that it includes.
  7. Enjoying living in the middle of the belief that what was meant for evil has been overcome and turned for good! We are the champions, my friends!

Please, replay, write me back (one to 1000 words) with your thoughts, my fellow champions! Thank you! John