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Selfing-The Newest “Olympic” Sport

Out here in California--- We have surfing, sailing, skiing, skating (And, yes, you can ice skate at Union Square in San Francisco during the Winter Holidays!) and shopping---all in one day. Sports-a-rama! Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash Now, you can...

Sailing the High Seas of Change

Change, like the sea, has a mind of its own and is full of surprises. Some hearties love change and others abhor it! It definitely deserves our alert attention and arghful awe. Use this map to>>>MORE>>>

Ask Better Questions

Three Keys: Use the 5 Ws and the H---Who, What, When, Where, Why and How? Include yourself/and or your team/family members in the question---we, you, they, IInclude an action verb---jump, ask, sing, do--- Find all Three Keys in each of the following examples: Where...

Seven Falls! Eight Starts! Success! Walking includes falling. Toddlers fall---repeatedly. Then, one day, they take a step, start to fall, and---their other foot lands safely! Baby's first step! Yay! Next steps follow first steps! Soon, those steps are...

Argh #10 Find the Drugs and Dump ’Em! Cap'n John reads about the treasured and classic ARGHS! Argh #10 Ernie, Edith, and Ellen all used drugs.  Ernie was often criticized for his drug use and was eventually arrested.  Edith received lots of applause and awards for...

Argh #9 Negotiating Love?

Maybe it was because he didn’t get along well with his teacher. Maybe it was the “new math.” For whatever reason, he got a D in algebra–the lowest grade he’d ever received.
But that algebra class was not completely lost on Mitch. Years later,>>

Argh #8 Opposites Aren’t Different

Larry was proud that he wasn’t a drunken bum like his old man, Frank. Frank couldn’t hold a job for more than six months at a time. What money Frank did earn, he drank and gambled away on payday before he even got home for the weekend, if he came home at all. In contrast, Larry had been a star employee for the same company for over twenty-three years now, and Larry didn’t>>>more…

Leadership: “It really comes down to one thing…” Andy concludes: "I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying." "Get busy living..." Leans my thinking toward faith---believing---in life, the future, and in hope---And in saying to the mountain(s) (I...

Argh #7—Support Your Local Amusement Park

Driving past one of the big Six Flags theme park near Vallejo, California, some years back I had a great view of the packed parking area down in the valley off to my right.

Obviously, folks from miles around had driven in, put up with huge lines, and paid lots of money to be there that day.

Just the tickets to get in, let alone the food and any extra goodies, cost them a small fortune! What were they all looking for? >>>CLICK for Video and more!>>>

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