right-brain-free-writeFreewriting will help you get past your writer’s block.

Directions:  set your timer for one minute, say Go, and start writing.  Don’t correct or organize.

Here’s my one minute of freewriting fun:

“I’m writng about freewiritng,  and I think it helps to loosen up my brain, eeven thought I’m feeling abit  freaky about al the typeing errors I am making I know they are just distractions from my amaxing thi=oughts!”

Now you try it.

Pause. Start timing. Write.

Then you can re-write.  Here’s mine:

“Freewriting is great! It helps me get my thoughts to flow.  I hope others will learn this technique too. It will help them write better and have more fun doing so.”

Then you can come by and give it more punch.

“Freewriting is great!  It gets my thoughts flowing. Please try it. You will write better and have more fun doing it.”