Have you ever gone through a pile of work and found stuff at the bottom that you’d forgotten about? Stuff thought you needed to do days, weeks, or even months ago?

There’s a good chance it’s not too late.

Call anyway.  Email anyway.  Stop by anyway.

You may find that the timing is better now.

Remember they are busy too.   They may have forgotten too.   Or they may be glad you didn’t call when you said you would and now they will be glad to hear fomr you.

Absence has made their heart grow fonder.

There are some that will try to work you about being late, neglectful, or remiss.   I had a friend, when I called, tell me that they wondered I hadn’t called for so long.   Without being vindictive I gently asked them the same question.

Their tone softened right away.  We were in the same boat. And actually, I’d made the first plunge into the uncomfortable sea of lateness.

Even though they snapped at me I am still glad I called.  Their anger and hurt showed they cared.

Better late than never.   Stepping toward the finish instead of away is better no matter what.

I’m calling some more from my late pile ASAP.  Good things will happen.

What about you?