Extra Note: Thank you Valerie for subscribing to Sealegs yesterday before the five other pirates from our Writing Class voyage!

BTW does anyone know where you can get beirox in Fresno. Kelly wants to know!


So I was teaching about mind-mapping in my Writer’s Class today. And I said, “Mind-mapping is like shooting spit-wads on the wall and hoping they will stick.”  I was recalling my my true life adventures during my troubled ninth grade school year.

Suddenly, I remembered that we had beirox for lunch every couple of weeks in the ninth grade at Tenaya Junior High in Fresno. I shared that I had hurled a beirox during a cafeteria food fight (a spit wade hurling connection, I suspect).

Beirox is baked roll, about the size of a hamburger, with meat, cabbage, and spices baked inside. Pretty good, and great for cafeteria food fights.

That set my class on a learning spree. Jamie, by Googling, discovered how to spell beirox and shared with us its eastern European history. Steve wanted to know more and I promised to write about bieroxes (I think that’s the plural form, or is it beiroxi?) in this blog.

Thank you Jamie, Julie, Aimee, Mercedes, and Gabi for subscribing. See! I told you I would write about bierox! Where are you, Steve?

Lesson: Leadership is always hungry to learn. Today, I learned how to spell beirox, and now I’m hungry. I’m going to eat Chinese since no restaurant around here, that I know of, serves beirox.

Please reply, and tell me what you’ve learned, yourself today, as a leader!