Perfection is mean. It’s almost non-existent too unless we label imperfection as “perfect” which may be a great idea.

Are you mad at yourself? Or, at others? And, is anyone mad at you? Sadly, as we conceive perfection in work, play, life, and relationships, we can become quite judgmental.

Perfection is the tyrant that demands we procrastinate. “After all,” it arrogantly declares, “You won’t get it just right anyway, so why try? Go do stuff that is risk-free and safe.”

We are simply and wonderfully human. Not sub-human. Not super-human. Simply human. Wonderfully human.

Sometimes, the masterpiece that is us, looks strange like a Picasso. Other times it seems serene like a Michelangelo. Both are masterpieces.

You are human. You masterpiece you!