burger-king-crownAsk and you will receive!

I asked for a better deal on tires today and got it! The manager got excited. Maybe she made a better deal than me, but the quote was lower after I asked, and the tires are better!

Not asking comes from childhood fear. Oliver Twist asked for more porridge and was severely reprimanded.

Or, it comes from an over-reaching sense of decorum and courtesy. We’re too polite to ask.

Jack and Jill broke their crowns. Nowadays we can get our crowns back for free by asking for one at Burger King, eating a bit of Imperial Margarine (I know. So old school! But, hey, so worth it!), or simply by making our own crowns!

Let’s put our crowns back on and, with dignity, start asking.

Do you struggle with asking? Watch this!

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