brochure_photo_low_resDo not adjust your screen or try to read this photo of Arghland’s new brochure. Click the photo (if you see one) or click here to see the real one…virtually…unless you print it out…and actually tri-fold it!

It just occurred to me.Perhaps they will visit my Arghland home after I’m gone and some famous singer will sing,  “I’m going to Arghland, Arghland, Merced California…” Nice!

But for now, let’s talk about new things, like me trying to create my new brochure on Adobe InDesign and finally, late last night, saying, “Microsoft Word was good enough for my father and his father and by George it’s good enough for me.”

Thankfully, R., my printer hero, printed my brochures anyway even though he’s a rabid ID’er (InDesign-fan). He just smiled and gently told me InDesign is easier than Word.

In that moment I began to believe him.  I went back to my desk and immediately learned three new things about ID.

Any ID fans out there?

Also, what do you think about getting your hands on a new T-shirt? It can be imprinted with:


Anyone want to invest in a genuine Argh T-shirt? You could be the first Argher individual, team, department, or division at your office with official garb! Imagine!

Please Email me your thoughts!