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Today’s reading:

Argh #7

Driving past one of the big Six Flags theme park near Vallejo, California, I had a great view of the massive parking area down in the valley off to my right. 

Sunshine reflecting off the row upon row of cars caught my attention; apparently  the theme park was packed.  People from miles around had driven in, put up with huge lines, and paid lots of money to be there that day.  Just the tickets to get in, let alone the food and any extra goodies, can cost a small fortune!  And what for?  To get some additional stress!

I could hear the screams of those riding the thrill rides.  I thought of  another theme park, Disney’s California Adventure, where there are always long lines of people patiently waiting to get a chance to repeatedly fall down an elevator shaft at the Tower of Terror  Others queued up to scream in horror in the in the Haunted House.  Yet even more got on to ride a roller coaster in the dark at Space Mountain.

I can only conclude that all these folks don’t already have enough excitement in their lives.  Seemingly, forking out the dough for some stressful moments gives their lives some meaning.

But many of you who are reading this book already have your own amusement park.  It’s the place where you work.  You’ve often told me about the unexpected changes, the latest and greatest management plan that supersedes the last year’s plan which replaced the one before that!  You tell me of people who are hard to deal with, and all the wild rides at work.

So that’s great news.  If you are one of those seasoned staffers, shout the following affirmation right now, “Yahoo! I don’t need no stinking amusement park!  I enjoy one every day, right here on the job!  No theme park could compete with the unexpected thrills of my workplace!”

But wait, there’s more!  And this is the greatest secret; it’s the best thing of all.  So once I give it to you, be careful who you tell!

The best thing is, with all the wild and crazy stuff that happens to you at work, you don’t even have to pay for it.  In fact, every two weeks or once a month (here’s the secret!!)

THEY PAY YOU for riding the rides!

Such a deal!  Can it get any better than that?

Now next time you drive by a theme park, you can feel sorry for those poor folks who have to spend money to get the same thrills you enjoy every day AND YOU GET PAID FOR IT!

So, support your local amusement park at home, at work, or both!  The rides are there every day and you may even get paid to ride them!

Take another look and enjoy the ride!  Hands in the air!

Argh #7 Reflections:

  1. What is your favorite amusement park ride and why?
  2. How is your job similar to an amusement or theme park?
  3. How will this story improve your attitude at work?

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