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Argh #5

I could easily spot them from the beach, even though they were several hundred feet away.  They sat right at the front of the coaster, and held their arms up high over their heads.  Clearly they were the masters of the Giant Dipper roller coaster at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California, and I wanted to be one of them.

Theirs was a work of attraction, not compulsion.  No one coerced me to eventually get on the roller coaster and ride it.  I just wanted to.  The masters had attracted me to that wild ride.  Watching the risk-takers pulled me in!   I wanted to be like them.

No one forced me or told me I had to become a roller coaster master, I just began to want to!  Then I just had to get on that ride myself and learn how to do it. 

Authentic healthy leadership, whether at work or home, works the same way.  It is a work of attraction.  People are looking for leaders who are able to skillfully ride the ride with their hands in the air. 

It occurs to me that the power of attraction was also at work when I learned body surfing.  I saw others slipping along in the waves and thought, “I want to do what they are doing.”

Like you, I have seen people try to lead others by forcing, manipulating, or coercing them with shaming words, treats of punishment, and fear tactics.  But the leaders who are really successful lead their people by being a master of their own work and managing themselves well.  That’s when leaders attract a true and healthy following.

My friend Walker leads support groups and cautions his group members not to shame, pressure, or manipulate others into joining the group.  In their zeal, sometime group members yell at their friends and point out how bad they are, in order to shame them into joining the group. 

Instead, Walker encourages his group members to process their own recovery in such a way that others would want to get what they have.  He’d talk about patience and faith and say, “Let what we are doing be about attraction, not condemnation.”

As the old farmer explained, “There’s two ways to feed the chickens.  The first way is you can take a handful of grain and throw it at them and they’ll all run away and hide.  The second way is to gently sprinkle the seed on the ground.  Then the chickens will come right up to you.”

Those who manipulate, coerce, and shame others are clearly not enjoying their own ride.  They are often working out of fear, anxiety, and even panic.  They may be afraid of failure, of losing power, or of looking bad.  They may be bitter about the position they are in, and allow their poison root to negatively affect many around them.  They are not riding the ride with their own hands in the air.  They don’t even like the ride.  Some of them quit riding it themselves a long time ago. 

Authentic attractive leaders are, at the most basic level, sold on the work they are doing.  Last month I presented a class for Joanne’s staff of 35.  From the moment they came in I could sense the freedom and enjoyment they had at work.  That positive spirit remained throughout our whole morning together.  Joanne attended the sessions, too, and participated with vulnerability and humor. 

Clearly her leadership is one of attraction.  Her happy, attentive, and eager to learn staff members were proof of that!  It was obvious.

Argh #5 Reflections:

  1. According to this chapter, what is the power of attraction?
  2. On a one-to-ten scale, how would those who live or work with you describe your power of attraction?  (1 is terrible and 10 is awesome)  Explain.
  3. Finish this phrase:  “I would have more power of attraction if I…

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