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Argh #3

No, they couldn’t put Humpty together again but with a spatula and a nice warm skillet he could always have become a tasty omelet! 

It’s all a matter of perspective. 

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Most of us have had some glory days of wall-sitting: times in our lives when we felt we were a success.  I knew a senior manager who always referred to the successful career he’d enjoyed “years ago” in another corporation.  Clearly, those were his glory days.  I used to ridicule him until I found myself doing the same thing about a former job I’d held, which I was allowing to represent the high point in my career. 

Wall-sitting is an attractive illusion.  From childhood, we find role models for success.  We are drawn to someone who is sitting on the wall.  We may find a hero in historical accounts; a person who who we think sat high up on the wall. 

To see and be seen is now the stuff of glory!  The winning athlete, the rising star, the charismatic leader become our role models, our heroes. 

The shell game gets stronger.  We begin to measure our own success by how we conform to such an image, rather than upon our own unique identity; more on our outward reputation than on our inward character, more on external appearances than on internal substance.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

The old saying goes, “Pride comes before a fall.”  Is that what happened to Humpty?  Did he get too high on the hog or, if you will, the hump?  Indeed it was a “great” fall after all.

Humpty didn’t fall while climbing the wall.  He must have accomplished that feat already, since he was sitting on top of it.  He didn’t fall by working on the wall, or even by dancing on it.  He fell when he was sitting on the wall.

Maybe he was sitting on his laurels.  Struggle has killed its hundreds, success its thousands.  Why? Because we try to save our glory until the next day, and it turns on us, this effort throws us off balance. 

The manna of Moses’ day was supposed to be eaten that day.  When anyone tried to keep it so they wouldn’t have to work the next day, it became maggot-ridden and inedible.  The same thing happens when we try to save up yesterday’s success and live on it today.  It stinks!

All the king’s horses, and all the king’s men,
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

We now know that Humpty was an egg, but for the original readers in 1810, he was a riddle.  The only thing they knew was that after his fall he “couldn’t be put back together again.”  Eventually, someone did put at least the clues “together again” and Humpty’s ovarian ID was discovered.

Since the king’s men came by to fix him, Humpty seems to have been an important person in the kingdom.  I wonder what the fixers tried to do?

The whole mess happened before Super Glue TM and such.  Even if they did rebuild his shell, the chore of getting all of Humpty’s yolk and white back inside would be tough going.

It was especially nice that the horses also lent a hand, or should we say a hoof?  Can you imagine trying to put an egg back together with your hooves?  We don’t know what they tried, but those kind and hearty steeds must have felt quite powerless and frustrated.

Is there any hope for Humpty?  Yes!  The hope arises from the value of his insides, through the reversal of what we normally think is most important.

Now that his handsome shell is shattered, his real life is laid out and bare for the whole kingdom to see.  His humiliation is huge, but now that he’s broken, his soul is accessible 

Finally after a long time of prettiness on the wall, Humpty’s true self can now be scooped up into the skillet of scrambled usefulness!  He has the opportunity to become, as they say in California, an “Incredible, Edible Egg!”

Instead of just looking good, he now is useful, versatile, and tasty, too.

If you have fallen off your wall and found that nothing down here—including the king’s horses and men—can put you together again, or if you’re tired of just decorating your shell and looking good for some applause, consider letting go of all that. 

Let go of every concept, every judgment, and every voice that used to define your success, and begin today to redefine your value based on your deepest passions and truest values.  Then rise again to this new, albeit maybe not so glamorous or applaudable, life and get to work on helping yourself and others again.  You will soon find yourself both incredible and edible!  A really good egg!

Just this morning my friend Rob, a very successful professional, was lamenting with me some of the dumb financial moves he’s made.  I encouraged him with the Humpty perspective.  I said, “Self-awareness is the first step toward wholeness.  I said, “At least you know what didn’t work.  Receive it.  Don’t reject yourself because of it.  Be here today.  Be edible.  Be incredible!”

Argh #3 Reflections:

  1. What “wall” have you sat on and fallen from?
  2. How have you become more edible and incredible because of it?
  3. What else can you believe, or do, to turn it to a victory?

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Best re-Arghs!
Cap’n John

Captain John
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