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Argh #1 Starts: “I’ve had it up to here!” Bill angrily raised his hand to his chin for Greta to see.  “I’m sick of hearing Mike telling us to hustle on management’s latest plan. I mean last month we were supposed to call all the clients who aren’t showing up, and this month he wants us to ignore them and focus on our new customers.  Next month he’ll forget all that and come up with some other great plan from on high! “I’m so sick of how he’s always changing things.  He doesn’t give a rip about how his latest little plan is affecting any of us.  He’s just interested in schmoozing the great Alicia and her arrogant little management team.”

“It’s crazy, I have to admit,” Greta responded.

“Yeah!  They’re always rocking the boat!  No wonder I feel sick!  I must be a landlubber or something.” Bill laughed.

“You may be on to something there, Bill.  Maybe you need to get your sealegs.  Remember that speaker who talked with us last quarter?  He taught us how to have our sealegs!”

“Yeah, that was pretty good!  I even saw Alicia rocking her arm and shouting, ‘Argh!’ I was amazed she would do something crazy like that!” Bill exclaimed.

“Do you remember what you did, Bill?”  Greta looked him right in the eyes.

“Ha!  That was dumb! I wasn’t going to do that stupid motivational jive.”

“Then no wonder you feel sick about work, Bill.  You are still a landlubber!”  Greta laughed as she made the accusation.

“I am sick and ticked!  So you must be right.  Landlubber it is!”

“You want to get better?”

By now other co-workers had gathered around.  “Give it to him, Greta!” Nancy said and made the others laugh, albeit nervously.  Thankfully, Bill smiled and laughed too, as he turned a bit red from embarrassment.

“Yeah.  Sure.”  He said rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

“Okay, Bill.  Let’s do it.”

Bill knew what she meant.  He closed one eye, rocked his right arm, bent his knees,  swaggered back and forth, and cried, “Argh!” in his best pirate growl out of the corner of his mouth!

Everyone roared with laughter, and even more so as Bill walked toward each of them and barked, “Argh!” again and again.  Then he hobbled in true sealegs style down the hall toward his cubicle.  Greta and the group could hear the laughter of others as he rounded the corner, still arghing away!

Later that day, Bill, came up behind Greta at her desk and quietly growled an argh right by her ear.

She jumped and laughed, “Feeling better, Bill?”

“Aye!” he chuckled back.  Then he got serious and said, “Greta, thank you for confronting me this morning.”

“I’m sorry, Bill. I just…”

“No, no, don’t be sorry.  I know I had it coming and I needed it!  You truly helped me see myself, and got me out of my pity party!  I’m really okay now.”

“I’m very glad.”  Greta still felt a bit skeptical.

I remember what that guy told us.  He said, “The boat is always rocking.  It’s been rocking all your life.  You were even conceived in a rocking motion, then you spent nine months in a water-filled room that was designed to rock.” 

“Wow!  Good memory Bill!  You were listening after all!” Greta cheered.

“There’s more!  When we were little and learning to walk and falling all the time, people clapped with joy at our attempts and eventually we succeeded.  Then we learned to run and dance.

“Then we went out as teenagers and young adults and made fools of ourselves.  Later we determined to not take any more risks, and began to look for a life of stability where our boat didn’t rock anymore!  And that’s me, Greta!”

Greta heard the crack in his voice and saw his eyes tear up, but kept very still.

“That’s what’s been wrong with me.  I’ve had the wrong metaphor, just like he said.   Instead of getting ticked about the boat rocking and griping about others rocking the boat, I can do something much healthier for myself and others.”

Greta nodded to encourage Bill to continue.

“From now on I can say, ‘Of course! Rocking boats are normal!  Let’s get on with sailing the ship!’  I’m not going to spin and strive all the time about Mike and Alicia and her team.  I’m just going to do what I do well, and help the ship sail forward the best I can!”

“Me too, Bill.  Argh, to you!” Greta laughed and rocked her arm.

“Argh, back to you my friend.  Thank you!” he smiled as he headed back to his desk and the phone calls that were waiting.

Argh #1  Action Steps

  1. Why do you think Greta got involved in Bill’s concern?

  2. Why is the statement, “rocking boats are normal!” such a important concept?

  3. What treasure did you capture for yourself from this Sealegs story?

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