My role is found in my title and job description. I’m a Clerk II, Supervisor, Teller, Vice-President, Driver, Teacher or Custodian. My role is what I do.  I can  get by for years just doing my job.

My contribution is something extra—a smile, donuts for the team, asking someone that’s struggling if they need help, encouraging someone, and a sticky note thank you.

My role is describable, doable, and, left to itself, heading for the Valley of Boredom.

My contribution is beyond description, daring, delightful and life-giving!

Couples, families, staff, and communities can get trapped in their roles, play it safe, and die.

Contributions change all that.

I just made a contribution. You are now reading it.  I’m delighted I got it done for you!

Who’s next?

Please, let me know!