needyNeediness goes too far.

It is co-dependent, depending on the opinions and evaluations of others to gauge one’s worth and success.

It is bi-polar. As it receives praise it is also receives criticism. Thus, it has good days or bad days depending on the interpersonal weather blowing around it.

It is seductive. Neediness flatters us that we are truly serving and caring. Then it rages about not being served and cared for in return.

It is false. We are not built to be needy. We are designed to be useful and able to serve even when we are not complimented, served, esteemed or applauded. Even when we are alone and feeling lonely neediness is a false solution—albeit seductive.

Contentment overcomes neediness.

The content person is self-contained, and even self-sufficient, without being isolated, detached, aloof, condescending, or arrogant. They are not needy about getting the credit, attention, or being chosen.

If they are rejected, forgotten, or even insulted they keep their “Sealegs,” and say “Argh!” They sail on through the storm with less surprise and more understanding.

If you know you are enough and that you have enough today, even in this very moment, then you stand a much better chance of contentment winning the battle over neediness! Contentment is learned. Everything we need be content is with us already; and, it sure beats neediness!

Open your inner treasure chest! Discover the riches and wealth of your Royal Who-ness!

Please reply and share your thoughts with me. (Not that I’m as needy as I was before writing this therapeutic article. Now, I’m just contentedly interested!)

Argh, me hearty!

Cap’n John!