None us like to be in a squeeze, a pinch, a strait, a struggle.

But that’s where the juice come from.  Creative juices!

Yes, we can get by with fresh frozen or bottled but fresh squeezed is what they charge the most for in good restaurants!

Some say The Green Bay Packers lost their divisonal play-off game against the NY Giants because they had earned the right to have two “bye” weeks and, ironically, might have lost their fresh squeezed impact due to their past success.

Fresh squeezed isn’t essential.  Wine is squeezed from grapes then fermented for a long time.  Just so, past squeezes in our lives can have valuable viability as they ripen to a nice vintage bouquet and flavor over time and with proper storage.

George Washington Carver  got a lot out of freshly squeezed peanuts giving us hope about those who are tough nuts to crack!

Sometimes we call our sweetheart our “squeeze” referring to the loving-hug-side of the relationship.  So squeezes may be hugs!


Getting squeezed may be the fastest way to your next prosperity opportunity!

Depending how you look at it.


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