Coasting is fun. Downhill skiing and sky diving are great coasting sports and command top dollar.  

My dad built a four-wheel steerable coaster (he called it a “chug”) for fourth-grade-me when I lived in Redding, California—lots of hills there. My friends and I had a blast coasting.

Coasting is all downhill and usually fun. In life, it’s tempting to coast.

Dreams, on the other hand, have uphill factors. A lot of pushing before the coasting happens.

After a while, the dream can seem insurmountable. It’s easy to give up and quit pushing.

Coasting is more fun, but without the push up the hill the coasting experience gets shorter and less fun.

Would pushing up (or connecting with a chair-lift or jump-plane) toward your dream be good for you to do today?

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