On the topic of coaching team members I like to put in a good word for coaching up. That is for “coaching” your boss. Sometimes coaching and communicating is not their strong suite and you can help them and yourself by taking initiative to touch base with them regularly.

I’m not talking about formal coaching where you are helping them improve or develop. I am talking about helping them manage you and about taking the initiative to keep the lines of communication open.

Here are some ideas for that:

1.Give updates.   Find out how they like top be updated: Verbal or Written? Brief or Detailed? Formal or Informal? Update their way, not yours.

2.Minimize problems for them.  You’re seeking to lessen their load not add to it. When they think of you, you want them to have secure and happy thoughts.

3.Share your ideas.  You might let them know a quick synopsis of something you read online or some news you think they’d be glad to hear.  Don’t overdo this. Too much may give the impression you think you are smarter than they are.

4.Ask for help.  How do you think my team is doing? How can we improve? What else do you need from us?

The Main Thing you are doing is staying connected with them without annoying them. It’s a fine line but worth thinking about.

Final Thought. Avoid surprises. Keep your boss in the loop. A surprise may jeopardize their trust in you.

Please let me know you thoughts about “coaching (communicating) up”