Paul Revere was a Connector.  At midnight on April 19, 1775, he rode the northern route out of Boston some 13 miles to Lexington, woke of lots of folks with his a cry “The British are Coming,” and foiled their invasion the next morning.

Williams Dawes, rode a parallel midnight ride along the southern route to Lexington.  He just didn’t know who to wake in some to the towns and he failed to rouse nearly as many to fight the British.  He was as noble a person as Paul Revere, he just wasn’t quite the Connector!

In his book The Tipping Point, describing “How Little Things Make a Big Difference,” author Malcolm Galdwell describes Connectors.

A  Connector knows “lots of people” and can can connect with them quickly.

If you are more like William Dawes then you do well to discover, appreciate, and solicit the help of your Paul Revere type friends. They can help you get the word out about your next cause, campaign, or midnight ride.

Gary Arzamendi (pictured) is the Paul Revere of Merced, Cailfornia social media! He made it happen last weekend with LIKEs for the “Merced College Workplace Learning Resource Center” (for whom I do marketing work) with his Saturday Morning Facebook Ride!

I started the campaign on a Saturday morning and within the hour Gary had picked it up on Facebook (because, of course, he’s is connected to me and thousands of others on FB).  By the end of the day we had almost doubled the number of FB Likes.

I see myself in this more like William Dawes. But that’s okay because, thankfully, I’m connected to Paul “Gary” Revere!   The campaign was a great success and lots of fun!  (Please click here to Like the Workplace if you Like! That would be awesome!)

Thanks, Paul, I mean, Gary!

If you are a more of a William, like me sometimes, just know who your Pauls are and stay Friends with them!  That will help to win the battle!

To see if you are a Connector like (Paul or Gary) take Gladwell’s name test (click here).  My score was 29!  (Oh well, I at least I know Gary…and you!)  Let me know your score if you don’t mind.  (Especially you, Gary!)

 BONUS: click here for a great Social Media focused article about Paul Revere the Connector!