Cheerleader, Doer, Boss, or Champion.fwYou are a Champion or, at least, want to be one! I know that because you took the initiative to sign for Sealegs for Success a while back!  Still, you may see a tendency to default back to one of the other team leader modes of Cheerleader, Doer, or Boss.

“Champions” have both: high up front expectations for their team and an active focus on their teams actual outcomes and results.

“Cheerleaders” have high expectations for their team but are not so focused on actual results. They provide lots of encouragement but back away from helping the team with finding a finish line and crossing it.

“Doers” have both low expectations for their team and low focus on actual outcomes and results. They end up doing rather than dreaming, discussing, delegating, and developing. They may feel overworked and bitter that others aren’t helping, but that may be because a Doer has a hard time believing others want to be involved and succeed.

“Bosses” have low up-front expectations for their team but have a high interest in results. Thus, they are often frustrated and angry at the poor performance of others. They may self-protect with  statements like, “Well you can’t expect much from those lazy people anyway.”

I want you to think about your own team-leading struggle so I’m sharing mine with you. My own struggle is about moving from Cheerleader toward Champion. I like the fun side but struggle with measuring the accountability of measuring outcomes and evaluating them.

So, I want to get better at the outcome and results end of the work.  Just admitting there’s a gap is good for me to recognize.

In fact, that is a results focus, so I’m making progress!


Email me about where the gap(s) are for you as you journey toward  being a team champion!  I’ll love to hear from you.