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I get what it feels like to not be the leader everyone wants to follow

If you’re like me, you’ve experienced more than one communication breakdown, and you’ve wondered if there was a friend, coach or mentor that could help you lead more effectively.

I’m certain you want to thrive as a professional, and it’s wrong that you are not able to communicate as skillfully as you would like.

Professional Development Adventures gets it.

John Parker

Your Professional Development Adventure Guide
John Parker, M.A.
Merced, California

And, as your “Professional Development Adventures” Guide, I get your communication concerns.

Back in 1991, I didn’t see the communication goblins coming. The fun, contemporary, relevant church I had pastored for over a decade kept growing faster than ever. Heady stuff! I knew I was on to something.

Well sort of. As more people arrived more relational distance moved in too. And genuine communication moved out. I knew something was wrong and I wanted to help fix it.

Instead. the communication goblins caught up with me. They cast me out of the church, and into the big world. That’s when I heard Steven Covey, the Seven Habits guy ask this great question:

“What’s the one thing, if you did it well and consistently, you would prosper yourself and others greatly?”

The word “COMMUNICATION” flashed before my eyes like a neon sign! In that moment I knew, and still know: My mission is to instill communication skill and power within individuals, leaders, and organizations wherever the opportunity arises.

Since then, and for almost 30 years, I have helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of professionals learn the skills that enable them to succeed through better communication.

Right now, as you read this, please be assured that I am committed to helping you create a culture of united communication so you and yours can stop feeling frustrated and powerless. The process is simple:

    1. Schedule a call
      Enjoy a free consultation with yours truly, Professional Development Adventure Guide, John Parker.
    2. Plot a Course
      We’ll take you through our outcome-based strategic planning process.
    3. Set Sail
      Start seeing more effective communication, increased productivity increase, and improved performance!.

By scheduling a call, you’re taking the first step to your greatest professional success.

I believe better communication is the key and you deserve to know how to foster that ability to connect. I’ll help you become the thriving professional you’re looking for so that you can lead the way toward that culture of excellent communication you dream about.

So, schedule a call, and we can get started today!

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