“The Say Hey Kid,” is the great baseball Hall of Famer, Willie Mays, 80, who spoke on learning during a TV interview I watched today. He said,

“I was learning baseball from day one, until the last day I played.”

It was his “learning…until the last day I played” part that caught my attention.

Wikipedia states that, “Learning is acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information.”

Learn is a Proto-Germanic (that’s really early German) with a base sense of “to follow or find the track.”  It has something to do with the sole of our feet finding the path. (www.etymonline.com)  Willie found his path in the outfield, at the plate, and around the bases!

My cell phone went through the wash last week so I’m learning how to use my new phone that has different features than the old one.  I’ll get used to it but the learning curve is a bit steep right now.  I’m trying to find the right path with the tips of my fingers and the frontal lobe of my brain right now!   There is a path I’m sure!

You may be in the middle of a steep learning curve right now, about work, leadership, finances, computer (AKA cell phone) skills, marriage, parenting, or finding a job.

Not knowing or learning as fast as we want to is often accompanied by feelings of inadequacy, stupidity, and frustration then seasoned with the spices of embarrassment,  discouragement,  and anger.

It comes from the illusion that others get it and we don’t, which just isn’t true.  Everyone’s being given a chance to learn and grow.  Of course, learning is a choice and some folks choose not to.

During your learning challenge think of Willie Mays and be inspired.  He kept on learning baseball—even though he was made the All-Star team the last 22 of his 24 years as major leaguer—to the last day of his career!

“Say Hey!”  Let’s choose to keep on learning!  The breakthroughs will come!