As you remember from our last week’s episode, I was enroute to and from Los Angeles and listening (twice!) to Famous Dave Anderson’s success story.   It included his inspiring failures!  He says in effect—No matter what, don’t give up, don’t quit!  That’s the key to success with your dreams.

Famous Dave now owns 181 restuarants and is adding more!

I’ve enjoyed the one pictured .  It’s located in Long Beach alongside P. F. Chang’s and other fine, high end restaurants down by the marina!

Pretty nice, Famous Dave!

This next part of the BBQ story happened on my way home on the LA trip.  I took the Traver exit off Highway 99  (in the middle of farm country 10 miles north of Visalia) for a rest stop.

And whaddaya know?   I pulled up to park right in front of a BBQ restaurant.   Hmmm…more BBQ.  There’s gotta be a another message for us all right here, I mused!

So I got out of my car, walked three steps to the BBQ stand and immediately told the BBQ guy, whom I now call Famous Leo, that I’d been listening to Famous Dave’s BBQ success story.

Without batting an eye Famous Leo smiled and said, “I’ve heard of him.  Some of his manager’s have stopped by here because they really like my BBQ ribs!”

Wow!  Nice market positioning!

Next, the Travor Exit Marketer offered me a free and ample sample of some of his delicious tri-tip and I was hooked.   While I was devouring the juicy morsels he also told me that the managers from Big Bubba’s BBQ (bigger than Leo’s, smaller than Dave’s) stop and eat at his place too!

Wow, again!

So I took this picture of Famous Leo and his BBQ place.   He has as much confidence as Famous Dave in the quality of his BBQ and as much marketing panache too!

Our finger licken good lesson:  It doesn’t matter how big or small your project, place, or position is.  What matters is your winning attitude and perspective!

Speaking of having a positive attitude, Charles Swindoll says,  “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

Argh, Me Hearties!  Pass the sauce!

Famous John!

Written from deep within Famous Cap’n John’s Leadership BBQ Place!  Somewhere near my ribs!