I was honored to give the opening keynote address for the NEW PATHS State Conference last Wednesday morning at the famous  The Mission Inn located in Riverside, California !   My talk was around “Six Super Arghs for Success” based on parts of my new “Sealegs for Success” book.  There will be video excerpts of it posted soon on JohnParkerLive.com (I’ll let you know).

Later folks told me they really liked my Second Argh,  “Choose your Direction,”  which I introduced using Alice in Wonderland’s interview with the Cheshire Cat.  

It goes like this: 

Alice: “Oh, Mr. Cat, which road should I take?”

Cat:   “Where are you going?”

Alice: “I don’t know.”

Cat:  “Well then, it doesn’t matter.”

Poor Alice lacked direction.  Sometimes we do too.

For gaining direction I suggested that a compass is a more important tool than a clock.  It allows us  to look farther out for the long range view.  Only after getting those bearings does the clock become useful!

Prescription for Direction:   Compass first!   Clock second!

P.S.  I could have used a compass to get around the nooks, crannies, twists, and turns of the vast, circuitous  Mission Inn.    Millionaire Duane Roberts restored and reopened the National Landmark in 1992.  It’s beautiful!  If you get anywhere near Riverside be sure to check it out.  (click here for Mission Inn photos)