cuddling-orangutans-sniffing-flowers1Stress isn’t caused by stressors, events, people, triggers, or buttons-getting-pushed.

Stress comes as a result of how we perceive and interpret those various factors.

If you are stressed try making new choices to help you address, avoid or ignore the stress factor next time.

Meanwhile, when you are stressing try calming yourself with the following breathing technique:

Close your eyes (unless you are driving, running, or walking). LOL.

  1. Smell the flower (that is, breathe in fully through your nose).
  2. Hold your breath (until it almost gets uncomfortable, allowing your body to fully oxygenate).
  3. Blow out the candle (breathe out firmly and slowly through your mouth).

Repeat a few times.

Be aware of how you feel as you do this.

You may find it relaxing and helpful for turning off the stress switch.


“Two men from prison bars, one saw mud the other saw stars.” – Dale Carnegie