Are you anxious? Writing makes a person clear.

I write privately (journal) almost every day of my life. It settles down my robust, wants-to-think-everything-through, rule-the-world, solve-all-problems brain.

Let’s blast through our old writing fears about writing. Here are a few: 

  1. “My writing is full of mistakes.” Of course! Mistakes are proof that you tried. Successful people are good at making many mistakes—over and over!
  2. “I feel dumb when I try to write.” Yes, you feel that way: More before you start, and less once you start. So, type or write that first sentence and don’t look back or correct it. Just start and “Write Forrest! Write!”
  3. “What if others read it?” Answer: Don’t let them, even though they invaded your world when you were a kid, you’re a grown-up now. So, protect your glorious self. Use code names, setup a password, etc. And,
  4. Bonus idea: Write toward yourself instead of running away from yourself— “yourself”—you know, that person you don’t want to know. Someone lied to you when they told you, you aren’t worth anything. They stole your crown. Now, write and get it back. Be yourself. Love yourself. Then you will be able to love your neighbor as yourself—apropriately instead of with toxic, controlling, manipulative, fake love.

Thoughts? Please write—me! Thanks, John