Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!

Some say the bad egg, Bumpty, pushed him off.


Others suspect he just got complacent and careless and fell off all by himself.

More likely.

Either way the king’s horses and men couldn’t help him.

Tough deal.

Many would have given up at this point.

But not Humpty!

He had a breakthrough!

Humpty realized that his insides, albeit somewhat scrambled during the great fall, were of way more value than his outsides anyway.  So instead of lamenting the loss of his former glory he decided to reinvent himself!

He moved to California and became one of those Incredible Edible Eggs he’d seen on TV!  Now he’s become much more useful, tasty, and nourishing as an omelet than he ever was looking pretty up on the wall.

Sometimes it’s good when our shell gets shattered, we spill our guts.   We often become more incredible and nourishing ourselves.

Our life’s value rises!

And the shell game isn’t what it’s cracked up to be anyway.