in the moment cookie monster.fwOption 1. – Your event happens and you have what you need in that moment.

Option 2. – You pick up your event ahead of time, in your imagination. Then you end up fearful, tense, concerned, worried and anxious about not having what you need  in that future moment.

We have been trained, and even shamed, toward practicing Option 2. Some say it’s even prudent. Get ready. Be prepared.  Play it safe. This can easily become a fear based activity, then a lifestyle.

We could be living live in Option 1., in the present moment, knowing that we will be empowered for Option 1., in the future, when it finally arrives.  Choosing Option 1. allows us to be in, and in-joying, the present moment.


Many of us spend our lives practicing Option 2. We are trying to amass enough protection to face some future imagined moment. Sadly, when that moment arrives, we miss the Option 1. joy of it because we are self-sufficient and need no faith or grace. We have arrived.

The only downside is that we immediately, routinely, and even proudly, begin practicing Option 2. again. We again end up tense, concerned, worried and anxious about not having what we need in our next imagined future moment.

Option 1. is out, kaput, and shut down. Faith withers. Grace gathers dust.

Consider the reckless thrills of choosing crazy Option 1. Maybe we would be less bored, and less boring.