MoleTODAY is the best day. This is the important one. Are you here? Or are you distracted?

Unless you are a mole—proclaiming, “a day above ground is a great day”  may help you come back here.

“Here! Here!” agrees the British parliamentarian.

Yes, indeed, it’s good to be here. But it’s so easy to leave here.

Someone says, “Today, while is it called Today, harden not your heart.”

YESTERDAY. Our hearts can get hard when we don’t let go of the past. We may start focusing too much about the bad deal we got back then.  Or, we may fantasize about how good “the good ol’ days” were.

TOMORROW. Our hearts may get hard when we live out in the future. Anxiety and tension about our plans, hopes, demands and expectations create mighty distractions from Today.

TODAY. It’s easy to distract from it. Paying attention to here, now, and today is key to success with  both the past and the future.

Today-ness is sometimes called mindfulness, attentiveness, and active listening. It takes work. It may seem counter intuitive and counter productive.

Try forgiving Today and ask it to visit with you about its importance.

Today ,indeed, be the day and now may be the time.

Why do we leave Today? How can we stay in it longer?

I’m glad I wrote you Today!