It’s not exact but it’s still encouraging.

30% will say a resounding, “YES!”

50% will say, “Maybe…we’ll wait and watch then decide.”

20% will say, “No,” to your face or behind your back.

So when two out of ten people on your team don’t like you or your ideas…rejoice!  You’re right on target.

In fact, someone once said, “Beware when all people speak well of you.”

And the 50% are watching to see how you’ll react to the negative 20%.

  • If you handle the 20% with gentle dignity, clarity, and confidence the middle 50% will move toward you!
  • If you let the 20% turn you negative to fight their negativity the 50% will join the 20% to protect them from you!

Pour energy into your 30% and help them help you to help the 50% move forward with their Sealegs for Success!

Argh! Happy sailing!


Please Email Me your comments about the 30-50-20 rule. Is it close? Does help you? I really like it when you share back with me! Thank you!