I’m enjoying my coaching class with Dr. Walt Hastings.  Today, he shared five hindrances to effective listening and asked us to pick the one that we need help in the most.  They are:

  1. Passive Listening  (not really listening; not being present)  like:  Daydreaming or  Planning your response
  2. Internal Listening (focusing on your own intellectual and emotional reactions to what is being said, rather than focusing on the person’s communication)
  3. Judging/Evaluating Listening  (demonstrated by statements that show you do not accept them or what they are saying)
  4. Information-Gathering Listening  (demonstrated by asking for more details and facts – usually so you can solve their problem for them)
  5. Solution Listening  (demonstrated by statements that solve their problem for them)

Some of these seem fairly positive but Walt taught us that using them may cut off the flow of information from the one you are trying to encourage, listen to, and/or coach.

I picked #4.  What did you pick?  What other comments do you have?

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