This week’s pages of Peter Block’s book, Community the Structure of Belonging, names Peter Koestenbaum as another one of his community leadership heroes.

Block writes that Koestenbaum “values amibiguity and anxiety as the natural conditions of the human being.  The painful choices people make in their lives and in their institutions are an affirming aspect of their humanity.”

I like this idea.  It gives us hope about getting closer to human struggles rather than moving farther away from them

Next Block gives us  Koestenbaum on leadership.  “Perhaps the real task of leadership is to confront people with their freedom.  It may be the ultimate act of love that is called for from those who hold power over others.”

What a great thought for your local megalomanical demagogue or for those who insist on being their victims. Challenge people to walk in true responsible freedom.

Block follows freedom with Koestenbaum’s word regarding healthy communities.  “Our willingness to care for the well-being of the whole occurs when we are confronted with our freedom, when we choose to accept and act upon that freedom.”

Not by Shoulds but by Arghs!